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Adjustable Food Storage Jar 16 oz & 32 oz

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The Adjustable Food Storage Jar is the perfect container for storing a wide variety of foods as well as other objects. Featuring a modern design, combined with outstanding functionality, this adjustable storage container outperforms the usual containers, such as plastic bags and even canisters with lids, all of which tend to trap air inside that destroys your food over time.

This Adjustable Food Storage Jar takes the airtight, air-removing, pantry container to the next level, by shrinking the entire container as you remove the air, preserving the food inside, as well as saving valuable space in your cupboards!

Our food storage container actually adjusts to take up only as much space as it needs, maximizing your cabinet and pantry storage space. It can change in size to perfectly accommodate its contents, between 16 oz & 32 oz (480 ml - 960 ml).