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Aquapet® Dog Grooming Shower Tool

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The ultimate grooming tool for washing your dog at home!

Simply attach our innovative hose to your bathtub, and have a clean pet in no time!

The no mess, no stress grooming sprayer tool is here. Introducing the Dog Grooming Shower Tool from Aquapet® , the ultimate tool for washing your dog from the comfort of your own home. This ergonomically designed one-size-fits-all tool has been carefully designed and manufactured with both you and your dog in mind, allowing you to shower and groom your furry friend with ease - and without the unnecessary stress, mess, or inconvenience.

Offering a shower for cats and dogs, the Aquapet® Dog Grooming Shower Tool effectively allows you to give your furry friend a spa experience from your bathtub. If you’re looking to bathe and massage your pooch after a walk in the forest, then this is the tool for you, featuring a multifunctional sprayer and scrubber that can be used to wash cats and dogs of all sizes - even those who hate to be in the water and want to get out as soon as you run the taps!


  • Simple, easy to use grooming tool.
  • You control the water supply.
  • Suitable for cats and dogs of all sizes.
  • Easily connects to faucets and garden pipes.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design - for you and your dog!

Commonly Asked Questions

My dog is only small - can I use this tool?

Thanks to its ergonomic design and contoured shape, this tool is suitable for cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes, and because you are in control of the water and pressure, you can make your massage as gentle or as firm as you desire. Simply install the Tool and begin the grooming process - you’ll soon have a puppy that’s wagging his tail in comfort and delight!


Why should I pick the Dog Grooming Shower Tool?

The Aquapet® Dog Grooming Shower Tool isn’t the first grooming tool on the market, but we believe that ours trumps all others. Not only has it been lovingly manufactured by real dog owners, but it is made from high-quality materials to create a durable, long-lasting piece of kit that will deliver for years to come. At Diapet, we only offer the very best products to our customers.


What does the brush look like?

Our Aquapet® Dog Grooming Shower Tool features an attractive blue design that allows you to distinguish between your dog’s coat and has an adjustable rubber strap for your comfort. A round switch helps to turn on and off the water supply, and a soft silicone material helps to reduce stress and give your pet a comfortable and relaxing massage. The tool features 14 individual water holes that offer uniform water flow across the front, giving you extra control.

How do I Order in Bulk?

To order in bulk just drop us an email at with your inquiry. Our dedicated agent will get back to you asap.


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