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Intense Hair Mask PURC™

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Perfectly smooth hair and dazzling shine, avoiding hair-burning straighteners and chemicals that attack the scalp, thanks to the Intense Hair Mask PURC™ it is now possible!

Deeply repairs hair with the advanced secret formula we have developed based on plant extracts, keratin and argan oil. Our formula is suitable for all hair types and hairstyles. It is the ideal solution for healthy, shiny, tame and soft to the touch hair. 



Say goodbye to damaged and lifeless dry hair !

✅ Ultra-fast advanced molecular processing 

✅ Perfect for all hair types

✅ Highly concentrated, just apply a small amount

✅ Promotes growth and natural radiance 

✅ Tested and recommended by dermatologists   

No more going to the hair salon for repair treatment  



- Incomparable softness: Significantly improves hair softness. The various natural components of our formula help to restore the hair's collagen and defences. 

- Suitable for all hair types: The Intense Hair Mask PURC™ is suitable for all hair types : thick, fine, long, short, rough, wavy, curly or frizzy. Hypoallergenic and dermatologically approved. 

- Long-lasting result: The hair fibre will be repaired in depth, allowing a long-term result and not just to mask the condition of the hair. 

- Very fast efficiency: The high quality of our formulation is in its speed. Indeed, simply apply the Intense Hair Mask PURC™  regularly to have an incredible effect. 



Our formulation as well as that of our main competitors has been tested on a large study of 1,000 participants. The satisfaction and efficiency rate of our product is close to 93%, which is exceptional, knowing that our competitors have only achieved 47% satisfaction.

But what is the secret of our formulation ? They are neither chemicals nor complex adjuvants. In fact, we only use natural substances such as keratins, argan oil and plant extracts. As a result, our product respects health, hair and is ecological and bio-responsible. 


1. After washing the hair, apply a small amount in the palm and massage the hair with the finger to help it absorb nutrients more quickly.

2. Allow the treatment take place. The exposure time depends on the hair's need but from 5 minutes onwards, most of the nutrients are absorbed but it is possible to leave the treatment as long as you want. 

3. Rinse hair thoroughly. 

4. Immediately notice softer, smoother hair! It can also be used as a no-rinse conditioner.